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Best Fruit Juices to Stock at Your Retail Store in UK

Fruit juices are a beloved beverage choice for people of all ages, offering a refreshing and nutritious alternative to carbonated sodas. The United Kingdom is a nation of fruit juice lovers with a growing interest in healthy and delicious beverages. As a retailer in the UK, it’s crucial to provide your customers with a diverse range of fruit juices to cater to their varied tastes and preferences. This blog will explore the best fruit juices to stock at your retail store to satisfy your customers’ cravings and boost your sales, considering popular choices, emerging trends, and customer demands.


Established in 1938, Ribena is celebrated for its classic and beloved blackcurrant flavour. It’s a household name in the UK and an iconic brand.

Ribena offers a range of products, including its classic Blackcurrant Squash, Ribena Plus, with added vitamins and fruit flavours like Raspberry and Pomegranate.

Ribena’s longstanding reputation and focus on health-conscious offerings make it a versatile and essential choice. It caters to customers of all ages who appreciate the traditional blackcurrant taste and its healthy variants.


J2O has become synonymous with socialising and enjoying a drink with friends. Launched in 1998, J2O has consistently offered unique and sophisticated juice blends.

J2O is famous for its exotic and innovative flavours, including Orange and Passion Fruit, Apple, and mango. These fruity combinations are perfect for customers looking for a refreshing and vibrant drink to enjoy during gatherings.

Its unique flavour profiles and association with social occasions make it a great addition to your store. It’s a hit among adults looking for non-alcoholic alternatives that are both sophisticated and delicious.



Oasis offers various flavours, including the classic Summer Fruits, Citrus Punch, and Oasis Zero Exotic Fruits, a refreshing blend of mango and passion fruit flavours with no calories and sugar.

Oasis’ wide selection of flavours makes it an attractive choice. The brand’s approach appeals to a younger audience and offers an enjoyable and refreshing fruit juice experience.

Squeeze It

Squeeze It brings a fun and convenient twist to fruit juices. Squeeze It offers colourful and playful pouches that children adore.

They offer a variety of fruity flavours, often in playful packaging. With flavours like Apple, Blackcurrant, and Orange and apple, Squeeze It is a hit among kids.

It’s fun packaging and child-friendly flavours make it a must-have for retailers. It appeals to families and offers a convenient option for parents looking to provide their children with tasty and enjoyable juice.

Fruit Shoot

Fruit Shoot, a brand by Britvic, has been quenching children’s thirst in the UK for years. Known for its hydration-focused approach, Fruit Shoot caters to active and health-conscious kids.

Inconvenient, on-the-go bottles, fruit Shoot offers flavours like Apple, Summer Fruits, and Orange. The brand’s emphasis on hydration and nutrition makes it a top choice for parents.

Fruit Shoot’s dedication to keeping kids hydrated and nourished is its standout feature. By stocking Fruit Shoot, you’re meeting the needs of parents seeking healthy and convenient juice options for their children.

Simply Frutee

Simply Frutee is a brand that focuses on simplicity and natural flavours. They’ve been providing refreshing fruit juices to consumers in the UK for several years.

Simply Frutee offers a range of natural flavours like Apple, Orange, and Strawberry. Their commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients sets them apart.

The emphasis on natural ingredients and flavour simplicity makes Frutee a top choice for health-conscious consumers. It’s also a great addition for those who appreciate a more straightforward and unadulterated fruit juice experience.

Capri Sun

Capri Sun has been a go-to choose for fruit juice in convenient pouches since the 1960s. It’s known for its practicality and child-friendly design.

Capri Sun offers a range of fruity flavours in its iconic pouches, making it an excellent option for packed lunches and on-the-go consumption.

Capri Sun’s long history of convenience and child-friendly packaging makes it an ideal choice for your store. It appeals to parents looking for a hassle-free juice option for their children’s lunches.

Jucee NAS

Jucee NAS is a brand that caters to health-conscious consumers. Their No Added Sugar options provide a nutritious and flavourful alternative.

Jucee NAS offers a range of flavours like Orange, Apple, and Blackcurrant, all without added sugar. These are ideal for those looking for a healthier juice option.

Jucee NAS’ focus on health and wellness is its defining feature. By stocking Jucee NAS, you can appeal to customers looking for tasty and nutritious juice choices without the added sugar.

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Stocking these best fruit juices in your UK Retail Store caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Each brand serves a specific market segment, from the iconic Ribena to the sophisticated J2O and kid-friendly choices like Squeeze It and Fruit Shoot. Simply Frutee offers natural simplicity, while Capri Sun provides convenience, and Jucee NAS caters to health-conscious consumers. By offering this variety, you establish your store as a go-to destination for high-quality, delicious, and health-conscious beverages.

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